Doja Genetics

The Doja team doesn’t believe in hoarding all of the fire for ourselves. We strive to give our community access to the same unparalleled genetics we work with on a regular basis. From your closet to cutting-edge commercial facilities, our genetics will take your garden to the next level.

Doja Direct

We are guided by a standard of what we believe great cannabis is, which is rooted in appreciation and inspiration for the plant’s endless and diverse expressions. Behind Doja’s genetics is a small team with deep and diverse knowledge of cannabis that spans decades.

Doja Bcn

Our genetics are based on elite contemporary varieties that rise to the forefront of the culture, with well-planned alterations using proprietary cultivars that have been actively bred in-house for almost 20 years.

Doja Global

Giraffe Puzzy, RS11, Permanent Marker—these are just a few of the cultivars that have blown Doja Exclusive up into a globally-recognized cannabis tastemaker. And we’ve barely even cracked into the vault.

Doja Barcelona 

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